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MetalJunction has launched Self - Modification of Buyer Profile.

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Attention To All Buyers Participating in TSL-IBMD/ TSL - FP Auctions


TSL SAP code has been made mandatory for participation in TATA IBMD auctions. It is going to be applicable for TSL - FP also. (The Codes are unique against each buyer and being created in buyers profile page on receipt of proper documents like GST ,PAN etc.)


Please check your corresponding TSL SAP Code in your profile page. To find the Training Manuals for help, Please go to the tab Training after Login. If you are unable to locate your TSL SAP Code please contact 033-66106150 ; 8336925968 and 033-66106178 ; 9163348196 for submission of the documents .


We have introduced mandatory "Online Self - Training Module" before participating in bidding process as per the auction type/ rule applicable for the catalog. This facility will be applicable from 29th January 2018. Please go through the manual for the process.

e-Inspection of the lots has been launched for all the Clients. To know the details of the process, after login to go to the tab "Training" and refer the manual E - Inspection

Saturday, 04 April 2020
  14:00:00 SAIL ISP COAL CHEM FA-7000000364 Dt. 04.04.20 
  14:00:00 SAIL ISP BF SLAG FA-7000000365 Dt. 04.04.20 (Only for Indian Buyers) 
  14:00:00 SAIL ISP WRM COIL FA-7000000366 Dt. 04.04.20 
  14:00:00 SAIL ISP MIXED STRUCTURAL SCRAP FA-7000000367 Dt. 04.04.20 
  14:00:00 SAIL ISP PROCESSED IRON SCRAP FA-7000000371 Dt. 04.04.20 
  14:00:00 SAIL ISP LIQUID ARGON FA 7000000372 Dt. 04.04.20 
  14:00:00 SAIL ISP AMMONIUM SULPHATE FA-7000000373 Dt. 04.04.20 
  14:30:00 SAIL ISP BEAM BLANK SCRAP FA-7000000368 Dt. 04.04.20 
  14:30:00 SAIL ISP ASSORTED BLOOM SCRAP FA- 7000000369 Dt. 04.04.20 
  14:30:00 SAIL ISP COAL TAR FA-700000374 Dt. 04.04.20 
Monday, 06 April 2020
  14:30:00 SAIL DSP MKTG AMMONIUM SULPHATE OFA 21001184 (Only for west bengal customers___LOI & documents mandatory) REV - 01.10
  14:30:00 SAIL RSP BFG SLAG ( BY RAIL) FA-34002436 
  15:00:00 SAIL RSP CRUDE BENZOL FA-34002434 
Tuesday, 07 April 2020
  14:30:00 SAIL RSP INDUSTRIAL GASES FA-34002435 
Wednesday, 08 April 2020
  11:00:00 Notice & Catalog SAIL BSP M&BP FA-10140377(Iron Ore Fines - Dalli) to be held on 08.04.20 REV - 01.10
  14:00:00 SAIL ASP Salvage Items (Misc items) OFA (S/DIS/604/2019-2020) REV - 01.10
  14:30:00 SAIL DSP MKTG IDLE ASSETS OFA 21001177 Rev2 (LOI is Mandatory) REV - 01.20
  15:00:00 TATA POWER CO. LTD - MUMBAI - FA-17 - MIX ASSET - DTD.27.03.2020 REV - 01.10
Thursday, 09 April 2020
  12:00:00 SAIL RSP LD SLUDGE FA-34002433 
Saturday, 11 April 2020
  12:00:00 SAIL-BSP-M&BP-FA-10120698(CCD) TO BE HELD ON 11-04-2020. 
Wednesday, 15 April 2020
  15:00:00 SAIL BSO CHENNAI HR PLATE OFA4378D REV - 01.10
  15:00:00 SAIL BSO CHENNAI HR PLATE OFA4379D REV - 01.10
  15:00:00 SAIL BSO CHENNAI HR PLATE OFA4574B REV - 01.10
Thursday, 16 April 2020
  15:30:00 SAIL BSO HYDERABAD NPB OFA4494B REV - 01.10
Monday, 20 April 2020
  11:00:00 SAIL-BSP-M&BP-FA-10140371(IRON ORE FINES) TO BE HELD ON 20.04.2020. REV - 01.50
Monday, 27 April 2020
  12:30:00 SAIL/RMD/GOM/D-IOF/01/2019 dated 27-04-2020 REV - 01.90
Tuesday, 28 April 2020
  12:30:00 SAIL/RMD/MIOM/IOF/01/2019 dated 28-04-20 REV - 02.00
Wednesday, 29 April 2020
  12:30:00 SAIL/RMD/KIOM/IOF/01/2019 dated 29.04.2020 REV - 02.10
  12:30:00 SAIL/RMD/BIM/IOF/03/2020 Dt. 29-04-20 REV - 01.20
Thursday, 30 April 2020
  12:30:00 SAIL/RMD/BOM/IOF/03/2020 Dt. 30.04.20 REV - 01.30
  14:00:00 Sale of Fly Ash from NTPC Barh REV - 01.20
Friday, 08 May 2020
  13:00:00 NTPC Barauni Sale of various item auction date 8 May 2020 REV - 01.40

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